About Us

This is Peg and Kel.

Peggy Rislahti and Kelly Wionzek, co founders of The Vintage Collection

Peg likes to take pictures.

Kel likes to build models.

So they had an idea.

Let's take pictures of models and put them on T Shirts.

Our very first two releases,
#t030 Antoinette VII and #t037 Gotha G V

With the help of some extremely detailed digital computer work and high quality laser printing that embeds natural inks directly into the fabric, The Vintage Collection T Shirt line was born.

The line continued on with several releases.

See T shirts here

In 2012 the Viking schoolkids program started and we took part. Here is a photo from May of 2013.

It was so much fun that same year we started displaying replica Viking items.

And the Viking Merchant began.

We proudly obtained a white shield .

The Merchant continues to grow.

Peg has since moved to Victoria where she enjoys a retired life with friends and family.

Check out our merchandise here

And Kel continues with the Vintage Collection.

*The Vintage Collection now has its home base in Broadview, Saskatchewan with outlets in Winnipeg, Gimli, Broadview and Swift Current.
*We continue our close ties to the aviation community with our sale of vintage t shirts as well as model building for private collectors and museums. Our vintage aircraft database now exceeds 9000 entries.
*The Viking Merchant continues to operate in these troubled times. Check our venue for events we will be attending near you.
*Now that I am retired I can focus on writing more. I add to the Vinland Blog monthly and a current project is getting the books online. There is a few already.