Yasgurs Farm

Kel D. Orbis

In the summer of 1969 an event occurred that forced the world to sit up and take notice. The Vietnam War was in full force and the superpowers still gridlocked in their arms race labeled the Cold War. Man had set foot on the moon.

In opposition to the war and the draft established to feed young men into it, the youth of the free world began a protest movement designed to rebel against a system they felt to be unjust. Non-violent, it incorporated many things unacceptable to the morals of the current society, long hair, free love, drugs and of course music.

It culminated in a three day festival based on peace and music, the largest gathering of its kind ever. Half a million hippies gathered together in a farmer's field in upstate New York and 'rocked' the world.

Fifteen year old Daniel, a rebel in his own right is caught up in these times and together with his friend Bernie start on a journey that takes them to that society changing event known as Yasgur's Farm.


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Warning: 18+

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