Kjalarnes Found

An examination of Viking sites in Vinland based on Saga evidence.

by Kelly Wionzek

One thousand years ago the Norse people, commonly referred to as the Vikings, turned their eyes to the west to a country they called Vinland. Four known expeditions were made for the purposes of exploration, colonization and resource gathering.

Kjalarnes Found takes a look at these voyages. By examining the Vinland Sagas (the Saga of Eirik the Red and the Greenlanders Saga), researching the known finds at LíAnse Aux Meadows, pinpointing potential sites (known and unknown) and then combining this evidence together, we get a clear picture of what happened in Viking North America.

At this exciting turning point in the history of the new world, this book can be considered as a basic guide to Vinland for the interested newcomer or the serious historian.





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