What good Viking plunderer wouldn't be without his pouch of coins. The below are high quality replicas of coins that were in existence in the Viking age.
A pouch of tribute Back to the Viking Merchant Main PageScale 2" x 1 "


Ancient Greece - Aegina

Silver Drachm
Turtle.... $35.00

Ancient Greece - Ephesus

Silver Drachm
Honey Bee.... $35.00

Ancient Judaea - Bar Kokhba Rebellion

Silver Zuz
Amphora/Grapes (wine coin).... $35.00

Ancient Persia - Darius

Silver Siglos
Archer.... $45.00

Ancient Rome - Marc Anthony

Silver Denarius
Ship/Legionary Standards.... $35.00

Ancient Rome - Tiberius

Silver Denarius
Tribute Penny.... $35.00

Anglo Saxon

Silver Sceat
bishop/wolf.... $25.00

Anglo Saxon

Silver Sceat
Knotwork cross/legend BEONNA.... $25.00


Silver Stater
Celtic Britain King Cunobelin Horse/Barley head.... $45.00

England/Battle Of Hastings Set

Silver Pennies
Both winner (William) and loser (Harold)- Battle of Hastings. The pair for.... $45.00

England - Harold Godwinson

Silver Penny
King of England 1066.... $25.00

England/Normandy - William The Conqueror

Silver Penny
King of England 1066-1087.... $25.00

England/Mercia - Coenwulf

Silver Mancus
King of Mercia 796-821.... $45.00

Viking - Hedeby

Silver Penny
ship/stag.... $25.00

Viking - York

Silver Penny
mjolnir(thors hammer)/sword.... $25.00
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