Blood Moon Riseth

by Kel D. Orbis

"My brother speaks highly of you. Iíll want your services for this campaign."
* * *
Alandros and his comrades have completed a successful mission but the war still goes on. Battered and bruised, they return to Yetornian where their special group is disbanded and the survivors promoted to other duties. He leaves the Company of Couriers, never to return.
Now a personal Adjutant to Crown Prince Akran, he instead rides to battle at the Royal's side, leaving behind someone very special.
Even though he is longing to return home, Alandros must perform his duties but as the campaign progresses enemies from without and within change things dramatically.
So do his responsibilities.
It is up to Alandros to find the ways that are needed to expel their enemies from these lands once and for all.

Digital Copy


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